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Investment Plans

No matter the size of your pocket, there is always a plan for you. Explore our investment plans today.

Crypto-hybrid fund

Everything in Crypto - Hybrid fund
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, De-fi, NFTs and Exchange Tokens
  • Profit taking Option every 6months
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De-FI fund

Everything in De-FI fund
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, De-fi, NFTs and Exchange Tokens
  • Profit taking Option every 6months
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Bitcoin Investment fund

Everything in Bitcoin investment fund
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, De-fi, NFTs and Exchange Tokens
  • Profit taking Option every 6months
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— Testimonials

Happy Investors!

“Such wonderful opportunities shouldn’t be ignored.”

The best way to protect an asset is with systems that self organize and self execute behaviors which function as protective to the asset." -

Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr

Money of the future

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology offer a lot of potential with investing.

David Anierobi
Webflow Developer

“Such wonderful opportunities shouldn’t be ignored.”

I really didn’t have any idea I would benefit so much before I invested in cryptolife capital and here I am today, enjoying my investments.

Mike Warren
Developer at BRIX Templates

Frequently asked questions

Is Cryptolife Capital regulated?

Crypto is generally not licensed in Nigeria as there's no regulatory body for crypto in the country as it stands. Should there be any regulation body for crypto in Nigeria trust me we'll be the first to get licensed.

What’s the proof you’re not like every other fraudulent investment scheme? 

Cryptolife Capital is a subsidiary of Digital Abundance Holding which parents 6 subsidiaries including the popular DABA School. We have been in business for more than 3 years and integrity is our number 1 core value.

Are you registered in Nigeria?

Due to the restrictions of crypto in Nigeria, Cryptolife is not registered in Nigeria but in Cayman Island, since digital assets are well regulated there.

 Why can’t we get returns monthly?

The crypto space is very volatile and a realistic investment in digital assets is long term. We are not a Ponzi scheme. We do not promise unrealistic returns. Hence, we’ve structured our investments as long term investments, with clients having the opportunity to take profit every 6 months.

 Why is the minimum investment 5,000 USDT and not a lesser amount?

We have set the minimum investment at 5,000 USDT because our investment plans have a minimum lifespan of 12 months. Also, this minimum investment of 5,000 USDT enables us to manage our portfolio efficiently.

Why can’t we invest in Naira?

We are not a Forex trading or investment platform. We make investments in crypto assets and not in fiat currencies. Hence, your currency has to be converted to USDT before investing with CryptoLife Capital.

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